BackSPIN Movie Radio with host Alison A. Hicks and co-host David C. Irons. Guest is Monica Jahner, ARRO Outreach Worker.

BackSPIN Movie Radio with host Alison A. Hicks and co-host David C. Irons. Guest is Daniel D'Amico, Assistant Professor of Economics at Loyola University in New Orleans, talking about his thesis on Prison Reform. Great Show.


Rod Johns writes:

When Alison Hicks first contacted me in 2011and sent me a copy of her book ‘BackSPIN’ I was immediately enthralled by her story, appalled at how an innocent young woman’s life could be devastated by a series of escalating events totally beyond her control, and furious such injustice could happen and remain basically unnoticed and unpunished in modern American society.

Since then, as Alison continues to fight for justice for herself and others entrapped in this system, I’ve been researching Alison’s life, Sheriff Jo Arpaio and his notorious ‘Tent City’, and working with Alison on a movie based on her true life story: how she had to fight an ongoing battle through the court and justice system proving she was falsely arrested, wrongly imprisoned in Tent City, had her career as a successful professional tennis coach stripped from her, almost lost her daughter Jess (Jessann), had her life ruined, and came close to death.

I was further attracted to this project by the fact that after being wrongfully convicted, and having to fight with every last bit of strength she had, Alison has dedicated a great part of her life since beating these charges in trying to right these wrongs, bring them to public notice, and get the public to accept that unjustified, and serious miscarriages of justice have been inflicted on her and numerous others by Maricopa County Sheriff Jo Arpaio and the State of Arizona Criminal Justice System.

As Alison continues to fight for justice, and as part of her ongoing campaign, I’ve now signed a collaboration agreement with Alison and have written a movie treatment based on how these events came close to ruining her life.

Alison’s story is enthralling, sometime horrific and heartrending, and almost unbelievable; but one which, in different circumstances, could have befallen any of us.

We are now working toward making Alison’s story into the feature movie ‘Break Point’ (a woman alone against the world story with shades or Steven Soderbergh’s Erin Brockovich and Niki Caro’s North Country) and with this aim we are looking for interest from investors and financial backing.

BackSPIN is copyright © Alison Hicks and the Film Treatment Break Point is copyright © Rod Johns/Oakenshield Films and we are, of course – as is standard industry practise – unable to reveal full details of the movie here; but as anyone who has read BackSPIN, or is familiar with the story of Alison Hicks, Joe Arpaio, or Tent City will know this is going to be a shocking and stunning movie of hitherto un-revealed injustice and persecution in modern American society.

For updates to Break Point, my contact details, and what is happening with Alison please look up her website:

I thank you for your interest and will welcome enquiries from investors and financial backers who would like to be involved in making Break Point and bringing this spellbinding story of injustice and the persecution of Alison Hicks to the big screen.

Rod Johns
Producer/Director – Oakenshield Films.

Tent City Trailer - produced by Alison A. Hicks and Brian Town, Michigan Creative Media. Director/Producer, Video, Web, Certified Final Cut and Apple

Alison A. Hicks attending "The Exonerated" at Wharton Center,
Michigan State University 1/28/12

Alison w/Marla-Mitchell-Cichon,
Cooley Innocence Project
Actor and Alison A. Hicks
Cooley Law School Panel


In a world where good doesn't always prevail...



A single mom trapped in a downward spiral to the depths of her soul.An excessively zealous Sheriff who passes judgement and sees all who enter his jailconvicted or notas hardened criminals.A flawed criminal system that could destroy any one of us.
If not for the favorable and encouraging exposure of the news media, Alison could still have been caught in that system.Alison eventually was exonerated of all charges.

Thanks to the love and support of her daughter Jessannalong with family & friendsshe survived what could have been a trip of no return.

Alison recounts her experience in “BackSPIN”, providing hope for others.

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